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When We Say “Painless”, We Mean It.

November 29, 2021

Over twenty years ago, when I was the only dentist at a large dental clinic that could speak English, I first thought that was why I handled all the International patients. However, I discovered I was only partially correct. The other reason was, I believed dental treatment did not have to be unbearably painful and […] Read more…

It’s Okay to Celebrate!

November 26, 2021

Now that the State of Emergency is over, all of us at Hitomi Dental Office thought it was okay to celebrate. We called it a staff meeting, but we did that part fast so we could join in a toast at Irish Pub Craic.  We want all of our patients to know, that even though […] Read more…

We’re On Instagram!

November 24, 2021

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hitomi Dental Office (@hitomidental) We’re not surprised that some of Hitomi Dental Office patients didn’t know, because we discovered we haven’t told you. So give it a try and let us know if you like Hitomi Dental Office on Instagram.   Read more…

Fall Colors

October 13, 2021

This time of year usually sees many tourists traveling to places such as Kyoto, Hokkaido and and Yamanashi Prefecture to take in the fall colors in Japan. Those of you who are current patients of Hitomi Dental Office know that our color is pink. But who says leaves are the only things that can show […] Read more…