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What Do Dentists Do On Their Day Off?

May 18, 2021

Dr. Hayashi Can Dance I am sure that dentists do a lot of different things, but after a week at Hitomi Dental Office I like to do something  active. I used to be a runner and competed in the Honolulu Marathon, San Diego Marathon and the Stockholm Marathon.  However, I had a back injury and […] Read more…

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2021

Just a shout out to all you mothers, to let you know that all of us at Hitomi Dental Office  hope you had a great Mother’s Day. My daughter Misumi, (who graduates from Dental School next spring), surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My dog Barney picked them out. Read more…

Happy Birthday Junko!!

April 29, 2021

As you know all of us at Hitomi Dental Office love to celebrate birthdays. Of course, we always enjoy the part when we get to share a cake or for Junko’s birthday some terrific donuts. Junko worked for Hitomi Dental Office on Saturdays when she was going to English school, but now she will be […] Read more…

Double Celebration

April 23, 2021

April is a special month in Japan. The start of the fiscal year and Golden Week to name a couple. But for all of us at Hitomi Dental Office we had two other reasons to celebrate. To welcome new members to the Hitomi Dental Office team and congratulate Dental Assistant Sanjay on his birthday. Sanjay […] Read more…

Proof that Spring Is Here!!

March 28, 2021

At Hitomi Dental Office – Akasaka, we only have to look at the cherry tree outside of our windows to know that spring has arrived. Spring is traditionally the time for renewal and that is  certainly true in a couple of cases for us. First, one of the cherry trees out front of Hitomi Dental […] Read more…

It Doesn’t Take Very Long to Look Younger.

March 5, 2021

In a Hitomi Dental Office Post last fall, we talked about our new Botox Treatment. We are happy to report that we have been able to instill that same emotion in many of our patients. That is being happy…happy with the results that they’ve had with Botox Treatments at Hitomi Dental Office. In the attached […] Read more…