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Happy Birthday Anne Bille

June 3, 2019

Dr. Anne Bille has been a patient of Hitomi Dental Office for a long time. Ann also serves the community as Board Chairman of TELL, supporting and providing counseling services for Japan’s international community. Hitomi Dental Office is proud of our long support and relationship with The Annual TELL Auction. This year it will be […] Read more…

CT Scans Make It All Clear

May 27, 2019

You’re not looking at some 60’s era negative. What you are looking at is a 3D scan of the mouth of one of our patients. CT Scans allow the dentists at Hitomi Dental Office to have a detailed view of a patients condition so we can give better diagnoses that result in successful treatments. For […] Read more…

Do Braces Make For a Happy Marriage?

May 21, 2019

I don’t believe there is any scientific proof for this premise, but Jeanette and Dinesh, recently married, and started their orthodontics treatment together at Hitomi Dental Office. Jeannette is from the UK and Dinesh is from India. We wish them well in their new marriage and are thrilled to have them as our patients. Read more…

I Made the Correct Career Choice

May 13, 2019

Like a lot of little girls, when I was growing up I had great interest in and admiration for Women’s Gymnastics. I would even imagine being able to defy gravity performing all of those twists and jumps. Recently though while visiting a park near Hitomi Dental Office Akasaka, I confirmed that my career choice of […] Read more…

Reminder: HDO Golden Week Hours

April 27, 2019

Many businesses will close for the long Golden Week Holidays, but not Hitomi Dental Office. Both the Akasaka and Edogawabashi Offices will be open several days from 1000 – 1900. Read more…