How Hitomi Dental Office Is Protecting Your Safety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the world of dentistry, assuring that patients and staff are protected against disease and harmful bacteria has always been practiced. For many years, wearing masks and gloves has been the standard at Hitomi Dental Office, and you would be hard pressed to find a dental clinic that did not utilize this type of protection.

In addition, a vigorous program of sterilizing instruments, equipment and the physical environment has been a priority at Hitomi Dental Office since we opened our first English-speaking dental clinic in 2013. That being said, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Tokyo in January 2020, we quickly learned that extraordinary measures would need to be taken to guarantee the safety of patients and staff.

When the tsunami of Covid first washed over us, there was a lot of confusion. Understandable, since the last pandemic with this kind of deadly potential occurred over a hundred years ago. Without any vaccines yet in the arsenal to protect us, people had to come up with tactics to mitigate the danger.

First Steps

At Hitomi Dental Office we immediately took steps prescribed by governmental health experts to make our offices safer. We installed a sodium hypochlorite vaporizer and a specialized air cleaner to maintain constant air circulation, based on the understanding that Covid-19 is an airborne disease. Although we already had a very intensive disinfectant program for instruments, equipment and fixtures, we redoubled our efforts to sanitize all surfaces. Additionally, we stepped up our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), incorporating face shields along with masks and a frequent change of gloves. Evidently our actions worked, because we had no staff get Covid nor were any contacts traced to either of Hitomi Dental Office’s Tokyo locations.

Covid-19 safety at Hitomi Dental Office

And now, with our staff—except a few who are allergic—fully vaccinated and boosted, we can breathe a bit easier, even though we remain diligent. We will maintain our security and safety initiatives so all of our patients can visit Hitomi Dental Office with peace of mind.

Covid-19 safety practices at Hitomi Dental Office

Continuing Efforts

We will continue to follow safety and security measures prescribed by government health officials and dental industry experts. Understanding how disease spreads is one of the most important factors in keeping our patients and staff safe. Our experienced staff of English-speaking dentists are working hard to meet and exceed health guidelines. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Extra cleaning and disinfection protocols. We’ve added extra surface cleanings, disinfection and safety protocols at both of our Tokyo locations, in addition to our regular rigorous cleaning standards. This includes doors, lobbies, restrooms, waiting rooms, appointment rooms, furniture, vents and equipment.

Wellness screenings for every patient and visitor. Every person who enters our office has their temperature checked and is required to thoroughly clean their hands with alcohol. If a patient says they have Covid symptoms, or we notice that they do, we direct them to the nearest care facility.

Mandatory masks or face coverings. Patients and visitors are required to “mask up” before entering one of our offices in Tokyo, and if they don’t have one or have forgotten it, we will provide them with a mask.

Covid vaccinations for our staff. As mentioned before, most of our staff, including our English-speaking dentists and dental assistants, are fully vaccinated and boosted.

The bottom line is that with our patients and staff, safety comes first and we are doing our best to make sure that pledge is maintained.

We Are an English-Speaking Dental Clinic in Tokyo

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate to our patients in Japanese and in English. All of our promotional material—from our website to specific service and price offerings—is bilingual. We also understand that dental procedures can make our patients nervous and steady reassurance in a language they can understand goes a long way in giving them comfort.

Hitomi Dental Office Is Staffed by Experienced Dentists

Our dentists come from diverse backgrounds with an equally diverse array of skills. Trained at the best dental universities in Japan and the United States, the dental staff at Hitomi Dental Office at both of our Tokyo locations offers the latest in dental procedures. In addition, the dentists at Hitomi Dental Office are regularly attending seminars where they can further enhance their techniques. From simple tooth decay treatment to dental implants, we have you covered.

We Offer Regular Teeth Cleaning and Checkups in English

One side effect of Covid was the fact that people developed more dental problems during the pandemic. This leads to the question: was there any relationship between Covid and dental health? Not directly, but many people delayed their exams, which in turn led to neglecting the timely care of dental issues. So: no, Covid did not cause those red, swollen gums. Forgoing that regular dental checkup did, though. Now, as Covid regulations relax, is the time to not only catch up on your visits to your favorite restaurants, but get back to those regular dental checkups and cleanings. Regular preventative dental practices go a long way in warding off serious problems.

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