When We Say “Painless”, We Mean It.

Over twenty years ago, when I was the only dentist at a large dental clinic that could speak English, I first thought that was why I handled all the International patients. However, I discovered I was only partially correct. The other reason was, I believed dental treatment did not have to be unbearably painful and that was advertised on the clinic’s website. Look, I know nobody enjoys going to the dentist, so I’ve always thought why not use all the tools available to alleviate it? That’s why on the Hitomi Dental Office website, we say that on the first page in so many words. Even though Hitomi Dental Office has used the most advanced treatment and methods for ‘painless dentistry since we opened in November, 2013, there’s nothing wrong with upping your game. I’m excited to announce that Dr. Haruka Haida recently joined the team at Hitomi Dental Office. My excitement stems from the fact that Dr. Haida specializes in dental anesthesiology, specifically general anesthesia and will apply her knowledge to do even better at putting our pledge of ‘painless dentistry’ in neon lights.