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Reducing the Pain

May 28, 2024

You’ve seen the statement many times on these blog pages and on our website…”nobody likes to go to the dentist.” There are several reasons for that aversion, but the primary reason is a four letter word—‘Pain.’ You may hear other reasons like, “I don’t want someone poking metal objects around in my mouth”, “I don’t […] Read more…

Tips to Ease Children’s Dental Anxiety

May 16, 2024

Parent: “Guess what kids. We’re going to the dentist today.” Kids: “Great. We can hardly wait. We love going to the dentist.” Well, this short dialogue between parents and their children is something that is nice to hope for but pretty hard to believe. Going to the dentist is not met with the same expectations […] Read more…

At Hitomi Dental Office, a Root Canal Doesn’t Need to Be a Pain

November 7, 2022

The banter above is emblematic of what people have historically thought about root canals. Something that is very painful—and a dental treatment that we should put off until it is absolutely necessary. However, with today’s advanced anesthetics and cutting-edge dental treatment, the horror-like fables of root canals are just that—fables, and they can assume their […] Read more…

Hitomi Dental Office’s Dental Implants Can Put a Smile on Your Face

May 30, 2022

Implants can achieve something that just about every dental professional and dental patient wants—a solution to dental issues that most closely replicates natural teeth. They’re a solid alternative to what we have colloquially referred to as false teeth. Over the years, as implants have improved, patients have increasingly chosen them to maximize the look and […] Read more…

At Hitomi Dental Office, We Know Braces Have Come a Long Way

April 20, 2022

The practice of orthodontics has quite a history. There is historical evidence stretching back to 1000 BC that shows people found various ways to straighten their teeth. Archeologists tell us that the ancient Etruscans used a type of mouthguard for the recently deceased to prevent the corpse’s teeth from collapsing inward. This was part of […] Read more…