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A Treat for Your Eyes and Teeth

March 30, 2019

Cherry Blossom Season is a good time of year to visit Hitomi Dental Office – Edogawabashi. Throughout the year, you can depend on the professionals at Hitomi Dental Office to take great care of your teeth, but it is only a sliver of time in the spring where you can combine this with the beautiful […] Read more…

Orthodontics Reinvented

March 27, 2019

Hitomi Dental Office is licensed to treat any issue with misaligned teeth using Invisalign™-A modern fully digitized experience to help you get the smile you want, the way you want. Invisalign™ is an innovative system that feels better, works 50% faster than other orthodontic treatments and uses the latest in dental innovations to give you the […] Read more…

Happy Birthday Dr. Nao and Mizuki

March 11, 2019

At Hitomi Dental Office we are serious about the care we give our patients, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. That’s why we love to celebrate milestones in the lives of our Hitomi Dental Office team members. We recently celebrated the birthdays of Dr. Nao and Mizuki. And of course, […] Read more…

Akasaka Nights

March 3, 2019

In a previous post, I talked about the many restaurants and entertainment venues near Hitomi Dental Office in Akasaka. In some ways, it is also an area of intrigue, not in a bad way, but an interesting way. Case in point, from the large windows in each treatment room of Hitomi Dental Office, you are […] Read more…

Hitomi Dental Office Edogawabashi Open Sunday, February 24

February 15, 2019

Too busy to see the dentist? Have you been putting off that dental check-up or cleaning because it just wasn’t convenient? Well, now you have your opportunity to make that appointment at Hitomi Dental Office. We are happy to let you know that Hitomi Dental Office Edogawabashi will be open on Sunday, February 24 from […] Read more…