Effective prevention can help you avoid costly treatments to remove decay, restore teeth, and treat gum disease. Detection of any dental problem is less painful and less expensive when done early. The teeth cleaning method we utilize is very effective, comfortable, and has no associated pain. It is called the PMTC and AIR-FLOW® combination. This innovative technique restores your natural smile.


Dental Checkup From ¥5,000
Panoramic X-ray From ¥15,000
Periapical X-ray From ¥3,000
PMTC From ¥6,000
AIR-FLOW® From ¥6,000
Max Teeth Cleaning From ¥11,000
Dental Checkup and X-Ray ¥4500*

*Price with Japanese health insurance.

There are other services covered by Japanese Health Insurance:

  • Plastic or metal fillings and crowns
  • Teeth Cleaning (Scaling only)

We offer other services covered by Japanese Health Insurance that we will discuss with patients when they visit Hitomi Dental Office.


Professional mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC) is used by our specially trained dental hygienists for the selective removal of plaque biofilms from all tooth surfaces. Dental plaque located up to 1 to 3 mm below the gum is removed with mechanically driven instruments and fluoride prophylaxis paste.

A woman having a professional mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC) treatment


The AIR-FLOW® method cleans and polishes teeth with a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. This is the ideal way to remove stains and discoloration without hurting the enamel surface of your teeth. It is superior to traditional scale and polish treatments in removing the damaging biofilm that develops when dental plaque is colonized by bacteria. And it does all this while not harming the surface of your teeth. This is because the innovative spray technology can access all those hard-to-reach areas that traditional scaling cannot.

A patient’s teeth being cleaned with AIR-FLOW®