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High-concentration Vitamin C drip Therapy

We wanted to bring your attention to this again, based on the information regarding Vitamin C Drip Therapy on the treatment of Covid 19. Take time to look at the studies reviewed by the U.S. National Institute of Health

Our high-concentration vitamin C drip therapy is based on the guidelines of the Riordan IVC Protocol in the United States and the IV therapy study group.

12.5g to 50g of highly reliable Mylan ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from Iceland will be infused. Vitamin C 25g is generally equivalent to 50 vitamin C injections.The capacity will be decided according to the symptoms and requests. Those who give high-concentration vitamin C infusion need to have a G6PD test in advance. It is expected to have a dramatic effect that cannot be obtained by oral administration. also has a significant effect on promoting healing after oral surgery including implant surgery.

Primary Benefits

1. Beautiful Skin 

2. Fatigue Recovery

3. Antioxidant effect (slows aging)

4. Immunity improvement including Corona Virus

 5. Cancer prevention   

 6. Periodontal disease treatment

* As a guideline, drip time is 30 to 40 minutes. The frequency depends on the patient’s      symptoms.

Price             1 Visit                         3 Visits                 5Visits

12.5g      ¥12,000 + tax           ¥ 32,000 + tax            ¥   50,000 + tax

25g             ¥25,000 + tax           ¥ 70,000 + tax               ¥ 115,000 + tax

50g             ¥40,000  + tax          ¥110,000 + tax               ¥180,000 + tax


3 times course is valid for half a year and 5 times course is valid for a year.