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Happy Holidays from Hitomi Dental Office

December 27, 2018

Recently my husband, Barry, and I had the pleasure of having Christmas dinner at 37 Steakhouse and Bar. It just so happens that a very good patient of mine, Barry White (Yes, like the singer) is the manager there. The food was great, and being a steak fan myself, the Rib Eye steak was great. […] Read more…

CT Scans at Hitomi Dental Office

December 10, 2018

A CT Scan enables our dental professionals to see a 360 degree view of your teeth, bone structure, airway and sinuses.  This is important in diagnosing dental issues and determining a precise treatment plan.  It assures, not only what to do, but how to proceed with treatment with the utmost level of patient safety in mind. Read more…

Why Choose Hitomi Dental Office?

November 15, 2018

Quality Care Our patients deserve nothing less than the best dental care. That’s why our staff of dental professionals are constantly honing and improving their skills so we can deliver the latest in dental techniques and treatments. Patient Comfort We understand that there is some anxiety that goes along with visiting the dentist. That’s why […] Read more…

Spice Up Your Next Dental Appointment

November 11, 2018

One characteristic of the area around Hitomi Dental Office Akasaka, is the variety of great restaurants. However, the true delight of the restaurant scene in this vibrant neighborhood are the hard-to-find, hole-in-the-wall finds. Down a narrow walkway, almost in the shadow of the ANA hotel we found Basil-Tameike. Curry is king here, featuring spicy Japanese […] Read more…

A Chip then a Smile

November 4, 2018

When Anna Agnieszka accidentally chipped a tooth the other day it frightened her in two ways. First, dealing with the chip and associated pain was bad, but now she had to face something that might be worse…going to the dentist. Lucky for her and us she found Hitomi Dental Office. On the Hitomi Dental Office […] Read more…

A Happy Story

October 26, 2018

Mr. Wing Yik became my patient over ten years ago when he started orthodontic treatment. Like with many long term patients I have the pleasure of seeing and hearing about their life events. Students graduate from high school and college; business people start a new job or get promoted; A patient brings a new spouse […] Read more…