Make Staying at Home Like a Vacation

Okay, I know that sounds like a stretch, but these times call for some creativity.  We are so fortunate at Hitomi Dental Office that our patients are still coming for dental care. That means we are busy during the week, but home on Sunday. As for me, I would like to go out on Sunday, but I am staying home per the State of Emergency. How do I make it like a vacation, or sort of like a vacation? Simple things. We make different types of food like chicken adobo, enchiladas, kitsune udon and empanadas. We planted flowers on the patio. Not exactly something you would do on vacation but fun. And having a new dog always adds interesting and fun things to do. Hopefully, things will get closer to normal in time. But even though you can’t do everything you did before Covid 19, you can be assured that part of your “Staying Home Vacation,” can include your normal visit to Hitomi Dental Office. Please take a look at previous blogs where we explain the care we are taking with our patients safety. We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe.