Hitomi Dental Office is Open and Here For You

Dr. Hitomi Hayashi

President, Hitomi Dental Office

In the era of Coronavirus we’ve learned how important our personal hygiene is. The need to thoroughly wash our hands; being careful about touching our face, eyes and nose. As you would expect, we at Hitomi Dental Office have always adhered to these practices, but now we are being extra careful. As I have explained in previous blogs Hitomi Dental Office has taken several actions to assure the health and safety of our patients. However, that does not mean we are done. Since good oral hygiene is very important in preventing disease, don’t be surprised that on your next visit to Hitomi Dental Clinic, we take some extra time looking for periodontal pockets that harbor bacteria, or review the techniques of brushing/cleaning your tongue. In an April 20 story, NHK reported that tongue cleaning was shown to even lessen the impact of Coronavirus infection in some patients.  Vitamin C, long known to be a cold and flu fighter, along with other vitamin supplements your doctor may recommend are just a couple of other steps you can take to fight disease. It is important to note that no supplement can prevent disease but there are various treatments that can increase your immunity and, if you do get sick, lesson the symptoms. In fact, in the near future Hitomi Dental Office will offer Vitamin C intravenous treatment, which has shown some positive results in various hospital studies. 

During this difficult period you can rest assured that we at Hitomi Dental Office will be open to take care of your dental needs in a safe and secure environment. You can depend on us to be there for you. 
Dr. Hitomi Hayashi