Take a Close Look at Your Teeth

If you are a patient at Hitomi Dental Office, Edogawabashi location, you may have noticed that the plants outside the office looked a bit tired, and overdue for a change. Looking at them almost everyday, I confess I didn’t really notice until my father pointed it out. Then I started thinking about teeth (I think about teeth a lot!!) and wondered if the same thing happens with someone’s attention to dental care. I hear many patients, who have not been to a dentist for a long time, say “I didn’t really notice that my teeth were not very white,” or “I had some pain in a tooth, but I just learned to live with it and didn’t think about it.” So, like I was not that cognizant of the condition of the plants at Hitomi Dental Office, I think sometimes people act the same way with their teeth. They brush them everyday, and look at them in the mirror and don’t really see a difference. So if you haven’t seen a dentist for a long time think of my plants, then give us a call at Hitomi Dental Office. You’ll leave smiling just like my dog Luci in the photo above.