Where In the World is Hitomi Dental Office?

Tokyo is a great place to live, but like anyplace there are pluses and minuses. There is no perfect place in the world. If you’ve lived in Japan for any length of time, you know that directions to a destination are unique—go to the 7-11 turn left, walk 100 meters then turn right at the post office…you know the drill. We know that because sometimes Hitomi Dental Office is hard to find. That’s why I wish we were as easy to find as the dentist office in the picture above sent to me my by husband who is currently visiting San Miguel De Allende in Mexico. But we are not, so for the record here are the directions the Akasaka Hitomi Dental Office:
From Akasaka Station, take exit 2 and turn right. Then walk to the 7-11 and turn right again. Walk straight about 100m and you will see the Hotto Motto yellow sign Hitomi Dental Office is on the second floor.
From Tameikesanno Station, make a U-turn out of exit 10, go to the street behind the exit and turn right. Walk 100m to the first walkway on your left. You will then see a Hanamasa Supermarket. Go towards it and turn right on the street. At the signal you will see Hitomi Dental Office above the yellow Hotto Motto sign.

By the way, if you know of an easier way to explain it, we’d love to see your suggestions. Just post on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Hitomi-Dental-Office-196795067166240/?ref=settings
Maybe we are not as easy to find as that dentist in San Miguel De Allende, but we are worth it. See you at Hitomi Dental Office soon.