Braces? I Don’t See Any Braces?

Next time you visit Hobgoblins or Legends in Roppongi, do two things: First, order your favorite food and beverage, and second, find Aya Okakura, one of the servers, and ask her to smile. A few months ago she might have hesitated, but after her orthodontics treatment at Hitomi Dental Office, she’ll be glad to give you a big smile. But here’s what you won’t see—braces–the big shiny ones you might remember when you were a kid. You see, Aya was not only concerned about misaligned teeth but working in a high visibility environment wearing braces. However, when you ask Aya to smile you will have to look very hard to see this new generation of braces. In fact, if we hadn’t told you about Aya’s new smile you probably wouldn’t even notice she was wearing them.