No ‘Old School’ Dentistry Here.


At Hitomi Dental Office, many of our new patients haven’t been to the dentist in years. Why? Going to the dentist, they say, is scary. Pain and all the strange noises makes them ill at ease. As all of our patients at Hitomi Dental Office know, we provide a painless comfortable experience. Not only because it is the way all patients should be treated, but we look at it as a way to promote good dental care. After all, if you are reluctant to visit the dentist office, you are taking a risk with your dental health. As you know, regular check-ups and cleaning are essential for healthy teeth, and our reluctant new patients usually point to the scaling method for cleaning, that is still widely practiced, as a reason for not seeing a dentist. Can you blame them? How can getting your teeth scrapped with a mental object be pleasant? That’s why, at Hitomi Dental Office, we use a non-invasive technique called, Professional Mechanical Teeth Cleaning with Air Flow (PMTC). That’s a lot of words, but it means what it says. We are able to clean your teeth thoroughly using air, with only a light scaling. Yes air. Even stubborn tartar that has built up for years is removed without scrapping, discomforting noise and bleeding. By using PMTC, not only will your teeth be cleaner, but it helps make your tooth’s enamel stronger and brighter. So if you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, call us at Hitomi Dental Office. Who knows, you may start looking forward to visiting the dentist.