Don’t Give Up

In an earlier post entitled “It’s Never Too Late,” we talked about age not being a factor in your decision to undergo an Orthodontic treatment plan. I find that patients also have concerns about the length of time it may take to have a smile like Matthew has in the photo with one of Hitomi Dental Office’s Dental Hygienists Ayumi. Matthew was one of those patients who in mid-treatment didn’t want to go any further. However, he stuck with it and, as you can see, is very happy he did. Let’s be honest about Orthodontics–it’s not like getting a cleaning or having a cavity filled. Treatment plans at Hitomi Dental Office run from several months to a couple of years. Every patient is different as well as the gravity of correction needed, but the results are worth it–just ask Matthew. He found that time goes fast, and with every visit his smile got brighter.